What Is a Virtual Waiting Room?

Make it easy for patients to check in online. Save time by getting important information before their appointment. Happier patients, seamless check-in flow. The waiting game is a thing of the past. 

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How Does a Virtual Waiting Room Work?

An online waiting room allows patients to check in for appointments from their phone or computer. Virtual waiting rooms also make it easy to request updated medical history, insurance information, and necessary medical paperwork before a patient gets to your office. That means less time waiting in-person, and more face-time.

Reduce wait times

  • Make your check-in process more efficient for patients and staff
  • Stay on schedule with integrated calendar features to track who’s ready to be see
  • Improve patient satisfaction by giving patients more flexibility and convenience
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More time for patient care

  • Have patients fill out important paperwork ahead of time, from the comfort of their own device
  • Cut back on administrative tasks for your staff by having patients securely submit their information online


  • Reduce costs associated with traditional check-in procedures, such as printing and storing paperwork
  • Maximize the number of patients you can see in a day by integrating virtual waiting rooms with virtual appointments
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Clearworks’ platform and built-in two-way text messaging has saved us countless hours and headaches. It’s reduced no-shows, increased referrals, and increased revenues through virtual consultations.


Front Desk Manager, @ Smilebar

All-in-one Dental Billing Platform

Everything you need to run your dental practice. From virtual waiting rooms to practice management—a better way of working is finally here.

Scheduling & front-desk calendar

Online booking, powerful calendar, virtual appointments, waiting room flow, smart labels, and appointment restrictions.

Online booking page

Enable self-booking by adding a booking page button to your website. Self-booking increases consult and helps reduce phone calls.

Treatment notes

Treatment notes designed with simplicity in mind. Tooth charts, user audits, and document uploads. Track treatment across devices.


Upload and organize images and  X-rays into series 8 & 10 layouts. Mobile-friendly so you can use an iPad and not a clunky camera.  

HIPPA & 99% Uptime Guarantee

Hybrid working at its safest: HIPAA compliant and 99% uptime guarantee. Unlike most companies, we have multiple redundancy sites to help you stay up even during major internet outages.

Two-way texting & reminders

Reduce unnecessary calls with two-way text messaging, appointment reminders, and office announcements.

Payment plans & billing

Credit card processing, monthly payment plans, ledger, and decline management.

Follow-up & win-back

Follow up with patients based on appointment types, no shows & win-back campaigns.

Health history & forms

Simply email consults a link to complete their health history on their own device. Mobile friendly so no more clunky iPads in the office.

Contracts & eSignatures

Contracts, health history, and e-signatures

Insurance eligibility & processing

Check eligibility, submit claims, and follow up with over 200 dental payers.

Analytics & integrations

Sales and conversion reports + tracking link integrations with Facebook, Google, and more to support your marketing efforts.

Virtual Waiting Room

Save time by getting important information before their appointment.

For a Better & More Complete Patient Experience, Regardless the Type of Visit

A virtual waiting room makes it easy to communicate with patients before they even reach the office. Save time. Reduce costs. Enhance the patient experience. Find out how a virtual waiting room can level-up your practice with Clearworks.

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